Jeff Hui

Problem Solver - Computer Engineering Student - Software Engineer

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Lane Detection
Lane Detection

Personal Project | Python, OpenCV, Numpy

Lane Detection implementation using Canny edge detection, perspective transformations, and Hough transforms

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BostonHacks F2018 | Python, Flask, Bootstrap, Javascript

A blockchain based voting application that uses a distributed ledger to prevent election tampering and voter/ballot fraud

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Marshall Bot

Thales ProjectArduino Competition | Arduino, C

A hardware prototype and video presentation for an automated aircraft marshalling design and implemented algorithms to determine plane orientation as a solution to reduce the risks involved with manual aircraft marshalling

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Hello. I'm Jeff.

I'm a software engineer interested in creating exciting products with great design. I love software development, working with interesting data, and applying software engineering principles to solve real world problems. I'm also in my third year of study in Electrical and Computer Engineering to expand my breadth of the digital world.
Right now, I am an software engineering intern at Tesla to help accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy!

When i'm not in front of my computer, I enjoy rock climbing and hanging out with like minded people.

"Wait, did you just change your site again?"
This website is constantly in a state of improvement. I design all the themes and features myself and I use it as a canvas to experiment with design.